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Pre-Entrance Health Requirements – New Students Non-Clinical

All incoming in-person students to Johns Hopkins University must meet certain health requirements before attending. Failure to comply with these health requirements prior to your arrival on campus will block you from adding or dropping classes, interrupt your orientation, and may result in a $100 health form completion fine. 

The policies described above include: 

  • All new incoming in-person full/part-time students enrolled in a degree program 
  • Post-docs 
  • Visiting students 

Students who are exempt from the pre-entrance requirements  

  • Fully remote students.  
  • Students studying in SAIS Europe and Hopkins Nanjing Center 
  • Short-term visiting students – those coming to campus for a brief time to participate in a non-degree program such as seminars, or certifications. Note: Short-term students are required to get the Flu and COVID vaccine.

Required Immunizations

Your Health Form can be downloaded here Non-clinical Health Form 

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella): 2 doses of MMR OR 2 doses of measles & mumps PLUS 1 dose of rubella OR positive blood titers. All doses must be administered at 12 months of age or older.  
  • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) vaccine for adults: Must be given at age 11 or older. Td (Tetanus-diphtheria) does not satisfy this requirement. Do not confuse the adult Tdap with the DTaP vaccine given before age 7. 
  • Varicella (chicken pox): 2 doses of varicella OR provide titer OR history of disease 
  • Tuberculosis screening: Assessment available in the portal. You can view the sample PDF in preparation for your arrival Tuberculosis-Screening-JHU-1 (Note, this form must be completed online once you have access to my health portal)
  • IGRA Blood test: Per the results of the TB screening you may be required to submit a blood test – TB skin tests are not accepted
  • Meningococcal Vaccine ( Only for on-campus housing residents):  one dose of the 4-valent (ACYW) meningococcal conjugate vaccine given at age 16 or older, or you must sign the waiver in the health portal under Clearance EXEMPTION located in our REQUIRED FORMS & IMMUNIZATIONS SECTION.  
  • COVID-19: Must have received a complete primary series or a booster dose of any FDA or WHO authorized vaccine.

Annual Flu Vaccine: Seasonal Vaccine for Influenza – August 1, 2024 – May 15, 2025 

All students will have an opportunity to obtain the vaccine at flu clinics on campus this fall. Note: Submit Flu vaccine only if you have received the current season’s flu vaccine, given AFTER AUGUST 1, 2024.

Pre-Entrance Health Requirements – New Students Clinical

The following students fall under this category: 

  • All Medical/MD programs  
  • Visiting Medical programs 

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has adopted the use of the AAMC standardized immunization form, as part of our requirements for application as full-time or visiting medical students.  

Your Health Form can be downloaded here AAMC Health Form Clinical Students.

Required Immunizations

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Eligibility for Primary Care Services

SOM students and trainees, which includes hospital residents and fellows, are eligible for primary care services at the East Baltimore clinic.