How much does it cost to be seen at one of your Primary Care clinics?
There is no charge for office visits.

There are charges for laboratory tests, injections, immunizations, medications, and medical supplies. Please talk to your health care provider for details.

What should I do if there is an emergency?
Call 911 for life-threatening situations. The ambulance will take you to the closest emergency department.

If you need to urgently speak with a provider when the clinic is closed, please call one of our clinics to be connected with an after-hours nurse advice line.

Can I have my own primary care provider?
For routine primary care, you can be assigned your own provider who will follow you for the duration of your time as a student or trainee at JHU. For more urgent appointment types you may need to be seen by another provider in our practice depending on availability and scheduling constraints.

I do not carry insurance through Wellfleet, but I have a medical problem. Can I still be seen at one of the Primary Care Clinics?
As a full-time, in-person student or trainee, your insurance status does not affect your ability to access our services.

Can I get a prescription for birth control pills at your clinic?
Yes, you may get a prescription for birth control pills from us if you are receiving your gynecological care from us. If you are receiving your gynecological care from a private provider, please contact their office to obtain your prescription.

I received a bill from WellFleet, but I don’t think it’s correct. What should I do?
Contact Student & Learner Health Benefits by phone at 855-423-1678 or email [email protected].

I need to see a specialist. Do I need a referral from Primary Care?
As a general rule, most Hopkins specialists will not see a patient without a referral from a primary care provider, and many times they may ask to review your records prior to seeing you. This is to ensure that their appointment slots are being used judiciously. Please call or make an appointment with one of our providers to discuss whether a referral is indicated.