Submission Guidelines and Instructions

Completing the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements 

In following the AMA Code of Medical Ethics 1.2.1, the SHWB primary care clinics will not accept any medical forms completed by a medical clinician family member. 

Please carefully follow these steps to complete the pre-entrance health requirements using MyHealth Portal – Instructions on Health Portal initiation and use can be found here: 

Copy of the health form can be found here: 

All Students – Including PostDocs and Visiting studentsNon-clinical Health Form

TB screening electronic form is required to be completed by all in-person non-clinical students as part of the pre-entrance immunization requirements. The e-form is available on your health portal, in the required forms and immunization section, and must be completed online. While you wait to get access to the health portal you can view the form questions & criteria to prepare for your arrival Tuberculosis-Screening-JHU. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you will be required to get a further blood test.

Clinical SOM students – Including MD programs and Visiting Medical students AAMC Health Form Clinical Students

  • Access your MyHealth Portal and click on the Required Forms and Immunizations link on the main screen. 
  • Complete & Submit your health form and other required documents listed.
  • To verify your immunizations, your pre-entrance health form must be signed by your healthcare provider. 
  • …OR, in lieu of a provider’s signature, you may upload a copy of your official immunization record to the portal.
  • Pre-entrance health form and supporting documents must be completed in English. 
  • Do not email or message your documents. All documents should be uploaded to the portal.

Instructions for Contacting the Student Health Clinic 

For Questions and Concerns Send and Receive Secure Messages 

The MyHealth Portal’s secure messaging feature provides students with a HIPAA compliant means of communicating with their healthcare team. Do not send secure messages for urgent matters. 

Please only use secure messages for questions, DO NOT upload your health compliance documents here. 

To send a secure message: 

  1. Log into your MyHealth Portal account 
  2. From the home screen in the portal in the middle section, click on “Read or send a secure message,” you can also click on “Messages” in the left-hand column. 
  3. Click on the button next to “Primary Care Services.” Press Continue 
  4. Choose from one of these 2 options based on your program: 
  • Questions regarding Pre-entrance health forms for clinical students
  • Questions regarding Pre-entrance health forms for non-clinical students

This will take you to a screen where you can compose your message, then hit “Send” 

Important Considerations 

  • You are responsible for knowing the registration deadline for your program/school. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Immunization documents will need to be verified by SHWB, PC. This may take 10 to 15 business days after you upload your documents. 
  • SHWB, PC will contact you through secure message if you have additional unmet requirements or if your submitted documents do not meet the requirements. Please check your JHU email often for notice of message waiting for you on your portal.


How to Submit Your Health Record to MyHealth Portal