Requesting Medical & Religious Exceptions

Exceptions may be granted in limited circumstances for: 

Medical reasons 

  • An exception to the requirements for immunizations may be granted for certain medical reasons. 
  • JHU students must submit a request for Vaccine Medical Exception through MyHealth Portal.
  • The Medical Exception request form can be found in the Optional Form Section on the portal. 
  • Note: Upload the Medical Exception request form completed by your medical provider here. Student health will review it within 10 business days and determine whether it is approved (it may take longer during peak submission times). Please allow extra time for this review process when submitting your documentation. 
  • Students (except SON) will be able to view if the exception has been approved in the status section of the required forms and immunization.
  • School of Nursing students will receive an approval email from student health, please note that you should consult with your Student Affairs office, [email protected] before requesting an exception as some SON clinical partners don’t allow students to do rotations without certain vaccines

Religious reasons  

  • Religious exceptions can be requested from The Office of Institutional Equity (“OIE”) here. 
  • Once approved by OIE, students should submit the approved exception documentation to MyHealth Portal  
  • The approved exception document should be uploaded in the Optional Form Section on the portal.
  • Note: Upload only the approved exception document from OIE here. Student health does not review or approve religious exceptions. 
  • School of Nursing students are not required to upload the approval from OIE in the health portal, please send your approved documentation to your Student Affairs office, [email protected]