MyHealth Portal

The MyHealth Portal allows students and learners to:

  • View your medical records
  • Check-in for appointments and complete associated questionnaires
  • Electronically sign consent forms
  • Complete, upload and submit important health forms and records
  • Securely communicate with your health care team
  • View and print your immunization records
  • Coming soon: Self-schedule in-person and telemedicine appointments

Before You Use the MyHealth Portal

  • Do not send any urgent health concerns, please call our office instead, or dial 911 if you are having a health emergency.
  • Do not send secure messaging to providers who have never seen you. No medical advice will be given prior to establishing care.
  • Secure Messaging is not an alternative to having an appointment.
  • Secure Messaging is not the best way to schedule an appointment or give feedback – please call our offices instead.
  • Most importantly, the MyHealth Portal is in addition to MyChart (the patient portal for JHH/Epic). They are not the same!

Below, you will find instructions for how to use the MyHealth Portal.

Initiate Your Account

The MyHealth Portal is equipped with single sign-on capabilities using your JHU credentials or JHED ID.

Your username will be your JHED ID followed by, and your password is the same one you use for single sign-on.

If you do not have JHU credentials or a JHED ID, visit Hopkins ID webpage for more information.

Please note: Sharing your Hopkins ID and password will enable others to have access your confidential medical records.

Update Your Profile

Click on the Profile link on the left sided menu to view and edit your personal profile information.

Complete Required Forms & Immunizations

Whether you are new or returning, various forms will be assigned to you to complete annually and before visits.

To access forms, click on the Required Forms & Immunizations link on the left sided menu.

The information provided will be automatically added to your student health electronic medical record.

Health History

Click on Health History link on left sided menu to review allergies, medications, and personal health history. These entries will need to be reviewed by your provider prior to becoming part of your medical record.


Click on Appointments link on left sided menu to access any questionnaires related to your appointment. Please complete all questionnaires PRIOR to your visit.

This is also where you access your barcode for self-check-in when you arrive in clinic.

Optional Forms

This is where you can complete a release of information to have your medical records sent to SHWB or another provider.

Medical Records

This is where you can access your historical visit information including lab results

Immunization History

This is where you can access your immunization record, which you can save and print if needed.

Send and Receive Secure Messages

The MyHealth Portal’s secure messaging feature provides students with a HIPAA compliant means of communicating with their health care team. Do not send secure messages for urgent matters.

To send a secure message:

  1. Log into your MyHealth Portal account
  2. Select “Messages,” then “New Message.”
  3. Click on the button next to “Primary Care Services.”
  4. At this time you will only be able to message a provider who you have seen before.

To view and reply to a message:

  1. You will receive an automated email notification informing you of a new secure message.
  2. Log into your MyHealth Portal account.
  3. Select “Messages,” then “Read.”
  4. To reply, click “Reply”, which can be found above the message.
  5. Type your response in the field provided.
  6. Click the “Send” button.