Pre-Entrance Health Requirements

Pre-Entrance Requirements for the Homewood Primary Care Clinic

All incoming, full time Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Whiting School of Engineering, School of Education, Carey Harbor East, and Peabody Conservatory students to Johns Hopkins University are required to meet certain health requirements prior to attending. Failure to comply with these health requirements prior to your arrival on campus will block you from adding or dropping classes, interrupt your orientation and may result in a $100 health form completion fee.

Upcoming Deadlines

Pre-entrance health requirements must be completed by the following dates:

Early Arrivals: May 30
Fall admission: July 15
Spring admission: January 15
Post-doctoral fellows: One month prior to the start of your appointment

Completing the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements

In following the AMA Code of Medical Ethics 1.2.1, the Homewood primary care clinic will not accept any medical forms completed by a medical clinician family member.

Please carefully follow these steps to complete the pre-entrance health requirements:

Step One: Complete and have medical provider sign the pre-entrance health form
  • Students: Download your pre-entrance health form (PDF document).
  • Post-docs: Download your pre-entrance health form (PDF document).
  • No physical examination required.
  • To verify your immunizations, your pre-entrance health form must be signed by your health care provider…
  • …OR, in lieu of a provider’s signature, you may attach a copy of your official immunization record to your completed pre-entrance health form.
  • Pre-entrance health form and supporting documents must be completed in English.
  • Please do not submit any CDs.
  • Make a copy of your completed pre-entrance health form for your records.

Important: Save the completed pre-entrance health form (with medical provider signature OR attached vaccine history records) to your computer in JPG or PDF format. You will upload this file when you are completing the online health web portal Immunization form.

If you have any questions or concerns, pertaining to the completion of these requirements please call 410-516-8270 or email

Step Two: Register for the PyraMED Health WebPortal and complete the required online health forms.
  • Initiate your account.The Student Health WebPortal is equipped with single sign-on capabilities using your JHU credentials or JHED ID. If you do not have JHU credentials or a JHED ID, please call our offices to further assist you.
  • Upload your private insurance card; this step is ONLY to be completed by domestic students who have waived out of the university’s insurance plan.
  • Log in to the Student Health WebPortal.
  • Click on the Document Upload tab.
  • Select type of document (insurance card), browse to choose the file, and then hit “save.”
  • You will then see the message: “Upload Successful! Your document is now uploaded.”

Pre-Entrance Health Requirements for Medical Students

For further information, visit the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Office of the Registrar website.

Pre-Entrance Health Requirements for Nursing Students

For further information, visit the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing compliance website.