Insurance and Fees

Student & Learner Health Benefits

The Johns Hopkins University Student Health Benefits Plan is available to undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows, residents, interns, visiting students, and trainees.

Effective July 1, 2023, all eligible JHU students and learners will have the following plans available to them:

For more information about the plans including coverage, cost, and enrollment periods, please visit


The primary care clinics do not charge students for office visits. However, fees are assessed for immunizations, some procedures, prescriptions, and supplies.

Office Visits

There is no charge for office visits.

Other Fees

Students are responsible for charges incurred by providers of care outside of the SHWB for services such as hospital emergency room visits, specialists’ fees, laboratory/diagnostic tests, and x-rays.

Often these charges are covered by your health insurance. If you have school insurance and are in need of any of these services, please contact one of our clinics first as a referral from us may reduce the amount you are required to pay. If you have an HMO or any type of managed care plan that requires you use a specified facility for laboratory work or x-rays, please make your provider aware so they can direct you to the proper facility to utilize the maximum benefits of your health insurance plan and spare you any additional expenses.