Where to Get Your Immunizations 

  • You should receive the required immunizations before you arrive at JHU. 
  • If you cannot obtain these before your arrival on campus, you may arrange to get immunizations at local pharmacies in the area or the JHU Primary Care clinics. 
  • If you have JHU student health insurance the required vaccines are covered 100% at most local pharmacies including at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.
  • In many private health insurance plans the vaccines will most likely be covered at local pharmacies as well.
  • Students will be subject to a $100 administrative fine (plus the cost of the vaccines without the JHU school health insurance) to have them completed at the JHU Primary Care Clinics, including move-in clinics.
  • International students who are unable to receive the TDAP vaccine in their home countries before coming on campus will have the administrative fine waived if that is their only missing requirement.
  • Flu vaccine will be available in the Fall on campus during flu season. Leave that immunization blank if prior to flu season.