Jermaine Shannon, MA

Medical Assistant

My name is Jermaine Shannon (he/ him/his). I have been practicing as a Certified Medical Assistant since 2013. My interest in health care started because of my love of the TV drama “ER” and a growing compassion to aid people with their health. I started my career at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2014, working in the Neurology department, I then transitioned to working in Vascular surgery for the next 7.5 years. In Vascular surgery I gained a lot of skills and knowledge. I was able to work alongside great doctors and became a leader in the department, where I also developed meaningful relationships that have taken me far in life. In 2023 I decided to make the transition to Primary Care because I wanted to challenge myself. I am also active in my community; I serve on the school board, and I believe in walking along side people to show them they can go further than they thought possible.

One of my favorite quotes is “Effort is the bridge between dreams and achievements. Keep pushing forward and you’ll reach greatness.”