Chat with a Counselor

“Chat with a Counselor” is an online drop-in mental health service that offers informal, confidential, one-on-one visits for students to meet with a Mental Health Services staff member.  If you have questions about mental health, want to get strategies for managing stress/academics/life, want to find resources that fit your needs and identities, come chat with us!

Chat with a Counselor is not a substitute for counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment. Counselors can listen to specific problems, help explore solutions and introduce you to what it’s like to speak with a member of our staff. Anyone with an immediate, urgent situation or crisis concern should not utilize Chat with a Counselor but instead contact the on-call counselor by calling 410-516-8278 and pressing “1” at any time 24/7.

Ready to visit Chat with a Counselor? Pick a day, time and a counselor from the options below (times shown reflect Eastern Standard Time/ET).

Chat with a Counselor – SPRING 2024 Hours

Chat with a Counselor for Asian & Asian-American Students

Chat with a Counselor about Food and Eating Concerns

Chat with a Counselor for International and Bi-Cultural Students (also known as the Friday International Coffee Break)

Chat with a Latinx Counselor

Chat with a Counselor about Body Image Concerns

Chat with a Counselor for Asian & Asian-American Students

Chat with a Counselor for School of Education Students

Chat with a Counselor about Social Isolation Concerns


Are you interested in Chatting with a Counselor but don’t see available times?  Email or call the Homewood Counseling Center at 410-516-8278 for more information.

The staff within Mental Health Services come from a variety of different backgrounds and are all trained to listen, support, and help guide students and trainees to resources. If you would like to engage in ongoing counseling or join one of our groups, click here to learn more.