Therapy and Psychiatric Services

Learn more about the Mental Health Services philosophy of care and scope of service. Our goal is to provide a range of treatment options to serve our community; if we aren’t able to accommodate your needs, we are happy to help you find a local provider or treatment program.

Initial Consultations

The Initial Consultation (IC) appointment is the first step to determining which resources will be most helpful to you. All IC appointments are 20-25 minutes in length and take place via Zoom. Same-day appointments can be made by calling the clinic that serves your program.

Prior to your appointment, you must complete a consent form and a few brief questionnaires to help the clinician who will meet with you understand your needs. (When you make your appointment, you’ll be sent a link to these forms.) The IC appointment will focus on the reason you are seeking care, and assessment of any risk factors and questions about your mental health history. At the conclusion of the IC appointment, the clinician will review their recommendations for your care, which may include Mental Health Services resources, a referral to a community provider, or a connection to other helpful Hopkins resources.

Individual Therapy

Mental Health Services offers goal-oriented individual therapy. This means that your treatment provider will work with you to develop a treatment plan to address a specific concern, symptoms, or mental health condition. We utilize the CCAPS, a brief assessment tool that helps you and your provider track progress and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. We don’t have specific session limits, but the majority of clients are seen for brief therapy.

Group Therapy

Therapy groups allow students to address their concerns through engagement with others. Groups are especially effective for those interested in exploring their interpersonal style and enhancing their approach to relationships in such areas as trust, intimacy, anger, conflict, assertiveness, taking risks, and improving self-esteem. All groups are offered via Zoom, and are currently available to students who are eligible for services at the Homewood clinic location only. We will be expanding access to group programs for other campuses in Spring 2024.

Psychiatric Services

Mental Health Services offers psychiatric consultation and medication management services to clients who are engaged in therapy services with a SHWB-MHS provider. Some clients enter care with an existing medication regimen, and others are referred for a psychiatric consultation to determine if medicine would be a helpful addition to the treatment plan. Treatment for attention deficit disorders is available with appropriate clinical diagnosis and/or assessment documentation. You can learn more about our approach to treating attention deficit disorders on our Forms and Policies page.