Psychiatric Services

Mental Health Services offers psychiatric evaluation, consultation and medication management services to address a range of mental health conditions. Some clients enter care with an existing medication regimen, and others are referred for a psychiatric consultation to determine if medicine would be a helpful addition to the treatment plan.

How to get a psychiatry appointment

Referral for psychiatric evaluation and medication management is initiated by Mental Health Services providers. Students and learners who are interested in transferring their psychiatric care to MHS, restarting a medication, or exploring medication for the first time should begin by scheduling an Initial Consultation (IC) appointment.

During the IC visit, the clinician will make treatment recommendations which can include a referral for an initial evaluation with a psychiatric provider. Students and learners who are already engaged in counseling with an MHS provider may be referred for psychiatric evaluation at any time. In general, MHS psychiatric providers work with clients who are also engaged in care with a therapist at MHS.

If you have been on a stable medication regimen prescribed by a community provider, you may be eligible for medication management through SHWB Primary Care…


Initial psychiatric evaluation appointments are one-hour long. The appointment will include a comprehensive review of medical, family, and psychiatric treatment histories and culminate in a diagnosis and treatment plan. Please come ready to ask questions and to be an active participant in our shared decision-making process. If indicated, medication treatment can be initiated at this time.


If you are prescribed a medication, your MHS psychiatric provider will schedule follow-up visits with you. Regular follow-up is important to ensure you are tolerating and responding to treatment. Follow-up visits are 30 minutes long.

It is important that you attend both counseling and psychiatry appointments as scheduled. Medication and counseling work better together than either approach does alone.

Some students and learners who have completed their therapy goals are eligible to continue seeing their MHS psychiatric providers for medication management without ongoing counseling. This is a collaborative discussion to be had between MHS providers should the opportunity present itself.

ADHD Treatment

Treatment for attention deficit disorders is available with appropriate clinical diagnosis and/or assessment documentation. You can learn more about our approach to treating attention deficit disorders here.