Mental Health Services Updates

Welcome to Student Health and Well-Being Mental Health Services (MHS) 

Our organization is evolving to provide more accessible, equitable, and quality mental healthcare to students and trainees across the University. We offer a range of treatment options within our Scope of Service. 

The Johns Hopkins University division of Student Health and Well-Being is undergoing an integration that implements many of the recommendations of the 2018 Task Force on Student Mental Health and Well-Being. Historically, the Counseling Center, University Health Services Mental Health, and the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program each served different students and trainees based on their school affiliation, a system that was confusing at times and provided varying levels of care, outreach, and resources.  

To support the integration efforts, we’ve rebranded our services according to location. The 2023-24 academic year will be one of transition as we continue to implement the infrastructure to support full integration. Student Health and Well-Being mental health and primary care will be moving to a new electronic health record system with greater functionality for both patients and providers. We have expanded the mobile crisis co-response service area of the Behavioral Health Crisis Support Team and will launch additional mental health resources to students in Washington D.C. with the opening of the 555 Pennsylvania campus. 

In addition to the range of clinical services available, we continue to offer consultation and training to faculty and staff, and we are expanding our outreach and engagement efforts, particularly to those who have been historically underserved by traditional mental health care. We know change can be a challenge, and we appreciate the JHU community’s patience and flexibility as we continue our evolution. Feedback and questions can be submitted here.  

MHS – Homewood 

Formerly known as the Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center. The Counseling Center terminology will continue to be used along with MHS – Homewood to increase mental health awareness and recognizability, particularly for undergraduate students at Peabody, Krieger Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering. 

MHS – East Baltimore 

Formerly known as University Health Services Mental Health (UHS-MH) and the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program (JHSAP) 

MHS – Washington D.C. 

Formerly known as the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program (JHSAP) 

The Behavioral Health Crisis Support Team pairs licensed clinicians with specially trained Public Safety officers to respond to individuals experiencing mental health crises on JHU’s Baltimore campuses. Support is available 24/7/365 through the Access Line (410-516-9355), a direct connection to clinicians who can provide clinical intervention, consultation, and connection with resources. In-person mobile crisis response is available within the JHU Baltimore campus Public Safety footprints.