Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program

Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program (JHSAP)’s licensed clinical social workers and professional counselors help students identify and manage the challenges of academic and personal life in healthy ways.  Getting help from JHSAP is confidential, free, convenient, and available 24/7/365 by calling 443-287-7000.

Who We Serve

JHSAP serves students in the following JHU schools and programs:

    • School of Medicine  (both MD and PhD tracks)
    • School of Nursing
    • Bloomberg School of Public Health
    • School of Education (online students)
    • School of Advanced International Studies
    • Carey Business School
    • Engineering for Professionals Program at the Whiting School of Engineering
    • Advanced Academic Programs at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Hours of Operation

JHSAP clinicians see clients Monday through Thursday – 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST and Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Special arrangements for early morning and evening appointments may be available.

If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, you may call 443-287-7000 24/7/365 to reach the  on-call clinician. You can also call the 988 Suicide or Crisis Lifeline or call 911, or go to a local emergency room.

JHSAP Services

  • Individual, goal-oriented counseling. Assessment, goal-oriented counseling, and referrals to help address a range of personal, family, and school-related concerns including study skills, procrastination, stress management, school-life balance, and adjusting to a new culture.
  • Crisis response. Small student groups or departmental meetings with a counselor to help process the emotional consequences of a crisis and resources to help everyone move forward.
  • Educational workshops. Preventive and educational support and discussion groups.
  • Consultations. Collaborative consultations between a JHSAP counselor and faculty or staff concerned about students’ well-being.

How to Request a JHSAP appointment

All JHSAP appointments must be scheduled in advance. Some same-day appointments are available for urgent situations and are handled promptly through our clinical on-call process. You may request an appointment by submitting the form below, by emailing, or by calling 443-287-7000.

If you submit the form below, you will see a webpage that thanks you for requesting a callback to schedule an appointment. You will also receive an email to the address you provided, letting you know we received your request. If you do not receive the email, we did not receive your request. Please try again or call 443-287-7000. Important: if you request a callback, you will receive a phone call from a phone number that you may not recognize. If you do not answer, we will leave a message if you gave permission for us to do so. Please be sure to check your phone messages. We respond to emails within two business days.

JHSAP Appointment Request Form

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All JHSAP sessions, except as required by law, are confidential. No one will know you are using JHSAP services unless you personally share this information with others, or sign a release of information requesting that the program share information with another party on your behalf. JHSAP carefully follows state and federal guidelines pertaining to confidentiality. The JHSAP clinician will review the JHSAP confidentiality policy with you at the beginning of your first session, including the limits to confidentiality.

Limits to confidentiality are legally mandated requirements whereby, if we become aware of the abuse of a child or vulnerable adult, or we believe you are in imminent danger of harming yourself or others, a duty to protect may be applicable.

All records are maintained and managed by JHSAP; clinical records are NOT part of your academic file. All clinical documentation is maintained separately from all other medical records.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

  • New client paperwork regarding confidentiality and privacy policies, demographic information, and the reason for your visit should be completed online prior to the appointment. The link for paperwork is provided in your appointment confirmation email.
  • Next, you will meet with your individual counselor to talk about your current concerns.
  • The counselor will gather additional information to help provide a context for the current issues.
  • You and your counselor will plan next steps.
  • The first appointment typically takes 60-90 minutes.

Appointments when you are located outside Maryland or Washington, DC

JHSAP clinicians are licensed in Maryland and DC and provide in-person and tele-video counseling when you are located in Maryland and DC. When you’re in other states or outside the US, your clinician will provide a consultation via tele-video, telephone, or email, focusing on problem solving from a distance and connecting you with resources in your location. JHSAP provides consultation rather than counseling in these situations because licensing and ethical guidelines prevent clinicians from providing counseling services outside the states in which they are licensed.

How to prepare for a televideo JHSAP appointment

Privacy and confidentiality are essential to developing the trust that underlies a therapeutic relationship. Your clinician will be in a private space during your session, and to ensure that both you and your clinician are able to focus and speak openly, we ask that you also find a private space that is free from distractions. If someone enters your private space during the session, we ask that you let your clinician know so that you can pause the session until you’re alone again. We understand that at times, finding privacy can be challenging. If this is the case for you, please consult your clinician or email JHSAP’s administrative coordinator at so that we can help problem-solve.

Contact Info

Call 443-287-7000 to speak with a clinician, 24/7/365.

Reach us via email at for non-urgent matters or to schedule an appointment. We respond to email within two business days.


JHSAP offers students the convenience of seeing a clinician via televideo or at locations in Baltimore and Washington, DC.

550 North Broadway
Suite 403
Baltimore, MD 21205

Washington, DC
Bernstein Offit Building
1717 Massachusetts Ave.
Washington, DC  20036

You will be provided a Bernstein Offit Building (BOB) room number when you make an appointment.