Caress Roach

Associate Director of Student Well-Being

Caress Roach (she/they) joined Health Promotion and Well-Being in January 2024 as the Associate Director for Student Well-Being, specifically focusing on Health Promotion. With earned degrees in Leadership (B.S.) and Higher Education Administration (M. Ed.) from the University of Delaware, Caress has been bettering the well-being of students in higher education since her role as a Resident Assistant.

Caress’ professional mission is to shape campus environments and culture to reduce risky behavior choices, develop resilience in the student body, and support healthy behaviors. She is perfervid about educating, advocating for, celebrating, and supporting students to be well and successful, which looks differently for each of them, especially traditionally undervalued students.

Caress is a Certified Health Coach and is primarily based on the East Baltimore campus. Her specific areas of interest include engagement coaching, sexual/reproductive health, general health promotion/prevention topics, empowerment through creativity, and DEI initiatives. She enjoys roaming any and all thrift and antique shops, finding top notch places to sing karaoke, playing her Nintendo Switch, crafting all sort of randomness, and having fun while engaging in new experiences and people.