On this page you can learn about the variety of well-being services, which can be for both individuals and groups for learners in all schools and all campuses, including online students and trainees. First there will be a list of some large initiatives and campaigns, an overview of well-being consultations, a brief description of nutrition services provided by the registered dietitian, and conclude with confidential resources.

Overview of Initiatives

  • Consent at JHU: The goal of this campaign is to educate and raise awareness on how to communicate, recognize verbal and non-verbal consent cues, and maintain consent through a sexual or intimate experience.
  • Yawns Hopkins: This campaign focuses on providing free sleep kits and education to JHU students and trainees on sleep hygiene and habit-formation to improve overall well-being. Please complete this form to get your kit.
  • Safer Sex at JHU: An initiative aimed at increasing accessibility to barrier methods and sexual well-being education at JHU. Please complete this form to request safer sex tools and educational materials for pick up.
  • Homewood Well-Being on Wheels: A push-cart filled with well-being resources and tools to help students promote their well-being. Student groups such as Advocates for Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH), Bystander Intervention Trainers (BIT), Sexual Assault Resource Unit (SARU), JHU Wings, and our peer health educators (PEEPs) will be pushing the cart around campus throughout the semesters, so make sure to stop by when you see it! For those inquiries regarding the cart, email Jacki Stone at [email protected].

Well-Being Consultations/Motivational Interviewing

Health Promotion and Well-Being staff offer individual consultations focused on enhancing well-being through action-oriented goal setting. Consultations can be in person on the Homewood or East Baltimore campus, or scheduled virtually. Sessions are private and can focus on stress or time management, improving sleep, cultivating holistic well-being, and alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco use.

Well-Being consultations are focused sessions designed to help you reach a goal that you have identified when you are ready to make them. Health and well-being consultations are not a replacement for counseling but can work alongside mental health services. A well-being consultant will help you apply strategies over the course of a few sessions to make a meaningful, sustainable change.

Sessions focused on alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco should be scheduled with Jamelia Blake and are confidential. All other sessions will remain private and should be scheduled with health educators Carol Spencer or Megan Tassinari.


With so many food options and so much bad information, making choices about what to eat can be challenging. JHU Well-Being is pleased to have the services of a registered dietitian, Rayven Nairn, MS, RDN, LDN.

If you are served by the Primary Care clinics in East Baltimore or Homewood, you can schedule an appointment for clinical services with Rayven to discuss medical nutrition concerns.

If you are more interested in food-based behavioral changes that are not medical such as non-medical weight loss, diet to support to fitness routine, etc., you can schedule an appointment with Rayven during her Well-Being office hours on Thursdays.

Additionally, if your club or organization is interested in a nutrition-based workshop or activity, Rayven can consult or lead.

Confidential Resources

The Gender Violence Prevention, Education, and Response Team is a confidential resource for all students and trainees who have experienced gender-based violence. To contact email [email protected] or call, 443-927-3548.

Gender-Based Violence Prevention & Education

This office, part of Health Promotion & Well-Being, serves all students and trainees. Individual staffers include:​