Guidance for recognizing and assisting students in distress

| March 28, 2022
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Note: this letter originally appeared as an email sent to Hopkins faculty and staff on March 28, 2022. SHWB has since released an updated version of this document for 2023.

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As a member of the JHU faculty or staff, you may become aware of students’ thoughts, behavior, or experiences that concern you. We are living in unprecedented times, and many of us, including many of our students, are having a difficult time. The good news, however, is that Johns Hopkins University offers robust services for students across all dimensions of their well-being.

Please find the updated guidance online for recognizing and assisting students in distress. With your help, we can safely connect students to resources resulting in personal safety and development, while also supporting their success toward degree completion.

The online guide is a comprehensive tool to support and refer students in times of need. Please carefully review each page, noting an emphasis on bringing in mental health and public safety resources in when appropriate. We encourage you to reach out to the listed campus resources if you have questions or need to consult. Also, the JHU Student Well-being website continues to be a central portal to all student health and well-being resources across all divisions and campuses.

Thank you for your work in responding to student concerns and creating a safe and caring environment for all.


Kevin Shollenberger
Vice Provost, Student Health and Well-Being

Shanon Shumpert
Vice Provost, Institutional Equity