Top 10 blog posts of 2023

| December 18, 2023

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  1. 12 elements of a healthy relationship. This post is a three-time champion; it was also No. 1 in 2021 and 2022. We’re so glad to see that so many folks are continuously interested in learning about what makes a relationship a positive force in their lives.
  2. 9 marijuana facts you should know. Interest in cannabis facts has spiked since Maryland legalized it in June 2023. Whether you choose to use this substance or not, a change at the state level could have ripple effects for our campus community. Students, faculty, and staff should be informed about how the new law will impact the student body on and off campus.
  3. Satisfying grab-and-go snacks. The right snack can be the difference between a day that’s productive and enjoyable, and one plagued by fatigue and grumpiness.
  4. Timing is everything: Why eating on a regular schedule supports overall well-being. Understanding the science behind meal timing can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health.
  5. What are some relationship green flags? Green flags are indicative of healthy behavior in relationships and thinking about them can help you navigate healthy communication, trust, and respect in all types of interpersonal dynamics.
  6. Free and discounted stuff for students. Our collab with the famous @jhufreestuff IG account is packed with helpful ways to save money.
  7. Dear Tyler and Jay: What’s the difference between romantic and platonic attraction? The inaugural installment of our advice column answered your questions about feeling confident in a relationship, different types of attraction, and how to break up with a friend. Read the whole archive if just one is not enough.
  8. Food and alcohol: What you need to know. Food and alcohol intersect in a variety of ways; this post examines some of the most important ones.
  9. Trauma anniversaries and approaches for managing them. Our bodies and brains can react to trauma anniversaries, especially when the trauma has not yet had the chance to be fully processed. This post shares strategies and resources to navigate those times.
  10. Sexual pleasure after sexual trauma. Sexual pleasure after trauma can sometimes feel taboo to discuss. This post puts an empowering and compassionate lens on that process. It also offers up practical strategies and even some helpful worksheets to aid survivors in their healing journeys.