How to contribute to our Student Spotlight feature

| February 2, 2023

We’re pleased to introduce a new biweekly feature to the @jhuwellbeing IG account: Student Spotlight.

This feature will showcase a Hopkins student or trainee every other Friday for the Spring 2023 semester and allow them to talk briefly about a positive experience they’ve had with a university resource that supports their well-being. A full list of our resources can be found on this page of our website or by clicking on the “Resources” tab above.

Here’s how you can get involved. 

  1. Email us at to inquire about available dates. We usually plan out our calendar a few weeks in advance but there is some flexibility. We’re happy to try to accommodate your schedule. Generally, we must have all content on the Wednesday before the intended publication date.
  2. Once we have decided on a date, write your script. We’ll need you to include your name, your school affiliation, and your story about your experience with a university resource. Please use the resource by name somewhere in your script. You’re welcome to make this content your own, but here’s a sample script: “Hi, I’m Tim! I’m a Whiting School of Engineering student, and I love the Calm app. The Sleep Stories really help me fall asleep at night, which gives me a ton of energy for my morning classes.
  3. After getting an idea of what you’d like to say, record a video of yourself explaining your experience and mentioning the resource by name. No fancy equipment required; smartphone videos works just fine for this feature. Please shoot in 9:16 ratio (ie, hold your phone vertically). Avoid adding any material with copyright (like a song) to your video. The video only needs to be around 10-30 seconds. We encourage you to speak genuinely about your experiences. Here’s a sample post:


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  1. Send your video to us. We don’t need this content to be “Instagram-worthy,” although we certainly welcome any fun artistic choices if that’s your thing. We just want to hear from and spotlight you. That might be an expertly produced, high-res video of you discussing an uplifting story about how Mental Telehealth has affected you. It also might be a quick iPhone video of you on the treadmill, talking about your love for the O’Connor Rec Center. Along with your video, send us any info you’d like included (how you were introduced to the resource, more info you didn’t get to include in your video, etc.) and perhaps a bit about your relationship with general well-being. We will likely edit what you write and get your sign-off on the final draft. If you have any events or clubs that you’d like to promote, we can probably tie that into the caption, especially if the resource itself is somehow relevant.