How to contribute to our Hopkins Moves feature

| September 17, 2021
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The weekly Hopkins Movies feature on our IG account welcomes contributions from any Hopkins affiliate. That includes students, trainees, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Movement is good for your body and your brain so every Wednesday, we feature a university-sponsored movement option or hear directly from Hopkins affiliates about the stuff they like to do to move their bodies around. It could be going for a short walk, attending an exercise class, gardening, training for a marathon, or being a part of a campus club that gets you moving. Sort of like Meatless Monday, but about moving your body in a healthy way versus feeding it in a healthy way.

Here’s how you can get involved.

  1. Email us at [email protected] to inquire about available dates. We usually plan out our calendar a few weeks in advance but there is some flexibility. We’re happy to try to accommodate your schedule. If you want to use Hopkins Moves as an opportunity to promote a club or event, reach out sooner rather than later to determine availability. Generally, we must have all content on the Thursday before the intended publication date.
  2. Once we have a date nailed down, whatever you like to do to get your body moving, try to capture it in a photo or a video. If it’s a photo, it will be shared as an Instagram post, so consider that it will be cropped into a square. Multiple photos are fine if you feel like you need more than one to tell the story, although the Instagram limit is 10 photos per post. If you choose video, we prefer 9:16 ratio (ie, what you shoot when holding a mobile phone vertically). Keep to it less than 90 seconds so it can be an IG Reel. Since this feature is about movement, it might be fun to play with video! Avoid adding any material with a copyright (like a song) to your video.
  3. Send your pictures (or video) to us. We don’t need this content to be “Instagram-worthy,” although we certainly welcome fun movement and artistic choices if that’s your thing. We just want to see what you like doing. That might be a high-res shot of you doing a difficult yoga post at sunset on a cliff. It also might be an iPhone selfie of you and your dog going on a walk.
  4. Along with your pictures (or video), send us any info you’d like included (what the exercise is, your name and Hopkins affiliation, etc) and perhaps a bit about your relationship with movement and/or general well-being. We will likely edit what you write and get your sign-off on the final draft. If you have any events or clubs that you’d like to promote, we can probably tie that into the caption, especially if the exercise itself is somehow relevant.