Tell us about your experiences with the Maryland College Alcohol Survey

| February 23, 2024

On February 26, 2024, a sample of all Hopkins undergraduate students will receive an email from Maryland College Survey with a link to an anonymous, confidential survey about alcohol, substances, mental health, and other related topics.

The survey is designed by the Maryland Collaborative, an organization with 19 member colleges and universities. This organization wants to help students with harmful rates of substance use and issues that might contribute to it. Hopkins has been a member since the start in 2014, and our president Ron Daniels is a past leader of the collaborative. The data and help from the Collaborative have helped us keep students away from the harms of substance use as much as possible if they choose to use alcohol and other drugs.

The College Alcohol Survey helps the university and its students in so many ways, including:

  • It lets us know how students are doing. Aside from alcohol and substance use, the survey asks about mental health and other related topics. Because of how connected mental health and frequent substance use are, this helps us know the impact of mental health and other issues related to alcohol and other drugs.
  • It helps us find opportunities to support students. Students also discuss using university resources or social support that they used or would consider using. This helps us find more opportunities to share knowledge and skills to support students who may be struggling.
  • It shows us where we could better explain policies. The data helps us know what policies to explain to make sure everyone is on the same page. For example, the Amnesty protocol signs and signs of alcohol poisoning in the dorms help students better understand the policy that they can help one another in an alcohol and drug emergency without facing the strictest sanctions.
  • It provides an opportunity to win prizes! We want to reward students for their time and willingness to share their experiences. Those who receive and take the survey can win a Nintendo switch, MARC train tickets and Uber Gift Card, movie tickets for themselves and four friends, an exam prep book with a value up to $150, or the chance to win one of 50 $10 Amazon Gift cards.

The survey is open from February 26 until March 17. Be on the lookout for Survey and Slices events to grab some free pizza while you sit down and take the survey!

There are two ways to see if you’ve been selected to participate.

  1. Search “Maryland College Survey” in your email.
  2. Scan this QR code to put in in your JHED and see if you were selected.