Well-being info for spring 2023 grads

| March 30, 2023

Congrats on your impending (or recent) graduation from Johns Hopkins! As you end your journey as a student and begin life as an alum, we want you to continue to care for your multi-dimensional well-being.   

Here are some tips to guide your transition into post-Hopkins life as it relates to university resources.  


Resources available through your graduation day:

  • Homewood Counseling Center (Homewood, Peabody, and in-person SOE students).
  • Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program (Available to all students except Homewood and Peabody, and all East Baltimore trainees).
  • O’Connor Rec Center (Homewood, Peabody, and in-person SOE students).
  • Timely Care Mental Telehealth. Mental telehealth is available to all Hopkins students and trainees for free while they are in school or a training program. Users who have graduated or completed their training can continue to access online telehealth appointments but will pay $79 out of pocket per session.

Resources with different end dates:

Calm and SilverCloud. Access to these two platforms is connected to your JHED ID. JHED IDs remain active until 180 days after your graduation date, so you will be able to access these resources until that time.

  • After your premium access to Calm ends when your JHED ID expires, you can still access some of Calm’s content for free or pay for premium content (which is what the Hopkins access provides). Subscription rates for Calm vary according to the plan you buy.
  • SilverCloud only provides institutional subscriptions; there is no way to access the platform after your JHED ID expires.

Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (EHP). EHP coverage end dates vary according to a person’s specific employer (Bayview versus JHH versus JHU, etc) and/or student status. Students with EHP coverage should contact their respective school’s insurance coordinator.

Student Health and Wellness Center (Homewood, Peabody, and in-person SOE students). Eligible students can visit the SHWC through May 31, 2023.

University Health Services (BPSH, SOM, SON). Because of the variety of programs, academic calendars, and payment models at BSPH, SOM, and SON, the last day of service for UHS can vary widely between students. If you need to know when your UHS access will end, contact UHS directly at 410-955-3250.

WellFleet Student Insurance. Students enrolled in the Spring 2023 WellFleet plan are covered until August 14, 2023.

The Cooley Center and the Bloomberg School of Public Health 9th Floor Fitness Center (East Baltimore). These facilities welcome graduating students from annual programs (SOM, SON) for free until August 31. BSPH students, who are on a quarterly schedule, will have access to Cooley for three months (one quarter) after their graduation date.


Be proactive. Get a refill on any regular prescriptions. If you’re due for an annual physical, OB-GYN exam, or any other routine doctor visit, schedule it while you still have access to those providers. Finish your SilverCloud modules. Take some fitness classes to explore what you like; that info can help inform your post-Hopkins exercise routine.


Hopkins-based clinicians are happy to work with you to find new providers who can help you maintain continuity of care, especially regarding the management of chronic conditions and maintenance of prescription drugs. The options available to you will vary according to personal post-grad circumstances.

If you’ve been working with a mental health provider, talk to them about your impending graduation and what steps you can take to preserve and build upon the work that you’ve done.


If you will not have access to health care through an employer, educational institution, parent, guardian, or partner after your student coverage expires, Hopkins providers can offer some guidance.

Students enrolled in the WellFleet plan are covered until August 14, 2023. If, at that time, they do not have access to benefits through an employer or a parent or guardian or legal spouse, the SHWC Insurance Staff will assist Peabody, Homewood, and in-person SOE students in enrolling at Healthcare.gov or in subsidized health plans like Medicaid. In some cases, non-US citizens can enroll in these programs. In other cases, international students may need to purchase insurance coverage.

If you are not eligible for the Student Health and Wellness Center, you should contact your school’s insurance administrator for help with postgrad insurance eligibility.

Learners are eligible for continuation of EHP Student Health Program coverage with a maximum period of 18 months following loss of coverage due to graduation or completion of degree requirements. The cost of continuation coverage is 102% of the full cost of the plan. Coverage may vary by degree program, so please consult your school’s insurance administrator.

Again, congratulations on your graduation. We hope that, as always, you will be well and do well in the next chapter of your life and beyond.