Maryland College Alcohol Survey launches

| February 21, 2023
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Today is the launch day for the university’s annual Maryland College Survey. This survey is conducted by the Maryland Collaborative of which Hopkins is an active member and President Daniels is co-chair. The survey is a random sample of undergrad students at Homewood and Peabody. Students will receive an email (and reminders) to their JHU account. If they complete the survey, students have a chance to win Airpods Pro or an Amazon gift card.

The survey is open through March 14, 2023. Questions primarily focus on substance use with a few questions about mental health. All individual responses are confidential and only known by the survey administrators who are not affiliated with Hopkins.

Increased participation from eligible students strengthens the data available to the survey administrators, which in turn gives university administrators more information to guide policies, staffing, and budgets. If you’re among the eligible students, please check your email to see if you’ve been selected.

Questions? You can email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer them.