Meet the Gender-Based Violence Prevention Team

| October 7, 2022
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Note: this page was updated in September 2023 to reflect changes to the GBVP team staff.

What We Do

Johns Hopkins has expanded its confidential resources to serve all students and trainees who have experienced gender-based violence, including stalking, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence (commonly known as dating/domestic violence), and sexual assault. (Note: see footnote for caveats to confidentiality.)

As confidential resources, the Gender-Based Violence Prevention Team is able to: 

  • Offer support and accompany students through local reporting processes (if that is a route a person would like to explore), including: 
    • Filing police reports. 
    • Filing orders of protection (commonly known as “restraining orders”). 
    • Filing peace orders (also commonly known as “restraining orders”). 
  • Connect and accompany students to additional on campus resources like case managers, healthcare services, counseling services, the Office of Institutional Equity. 
  • Connect and accompany students to additional off campus resources like hotlines, survivor support services, counseling services, and SAFE exams (commonly known as “rape kits”). 
  • Act as a sounding board, help with correspondence to resources, hold processing space, and anything else that is helpful. 

Our training is rooted in trauma-informed response, and we focus on survivor-led problem-solving. To that end, we seek to support students in whatever is helpful to them in that moment. We will never pressure students to file a report. We serve all JHU students and trainees, and anyone can work with any of us, but each of us is a designated first point of contact. In addition to acting as a confidential resources, the GBVP team also provides programming and education around gender-based violence prevention and survivor support, including Bystander Intervention Training for grads and undergrads, the JHU Consent Campaign, and more. If you are interested in scheduling programing, you can use this form 

Who We Are

A headshot of Alyse Campbell, a white woman wearing glasses and smiling Alyse Campbell, LSMW, Assistant Director Alyse is the main contact for WSE, KSAS, and SOE graduate students. She practices trauma-informed social work and has been a confidential resource at Hopkins for eight years. To contact her directly, call 410-516-5133 or email
The Johns Hopkins University sheild Maggie Lewis, MSW, Coordinator Maggie is the main contact for SOM, Carey, SAIS, BSPH, and SON graduate students. Maggie has a social work background and is passionate about the intersection of harm reduction and survivor support work. To contact them directly, call 667-306-9102 or email
A headshot of Tyler Conzone, a Black woman who is smiling Tyler Conzone, MPH, Coordinator Tyler is the main contact for Homewood undergraduate students, Peabody undergraduate students, and Peabody graduate students. Her work around sexual and reproductive health sparked her passion to empower students to practice healthy behaviors personally and in relationships. To contact her directly, call 443-927-3572 or email

If you have general questions, want to request programming, or aren’t sure who you would like to work with, feel free to email us at or call our general phone number 443-927-3548.

Footnote: While we are generally not obligated to share accounts of gender-based violence with anyone at JHU or otherwise, there are a few exceptions to that per Maryland law. They are:  

  • if someone shares wanting to harm themselves or someone else. 
  • if someone shares accounts of abuse or neglect of a minor (even if the person is no longer a minor) and even if the perpetrator is deceased. 
  • if someone shares accounts of abuse or neglect a vulnerable adult (like an elderly person or a person with significant disability), even if the perpetrator is deceased.