Call for contributors: Recipes for our community cookbook

| May 5, 2022
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What home-cooked meals are sustaining you through your Hopkins experience? 

Student Health & Well-Being (SHWB) invites members of the Hopkins community to contribute original recipes for a community cookbook. Students, trainees, staff, faculty, and alumni are all welcome to submit recipes for consideration. 

This cookbook will serve as a guide for Hopkins students on mastering the basics of meal planning, cooking, and properly storing food. We discovered this need in talking with current students and wanted to make sure we could provide instructions to make cooking at home more accessible and sustainable. 

Please email all submissions to [email protected]. The deadline for submission for our Fall 2022 issue is June 30, 2022. Selected recipe contributors will be notified in August 2022. 

We aim to include a broad selection of recipes, and are especially interested in ones that are: 

  • Delicious 
  • Nourishing 
  • Affordable
  • Approachable for beginner cooks, in terms of both cooking techniques and cooking equipment
  • Compatible with a sustainable diet 

It’s tough (but not impossible!) for a recipe to meet all these criteria so don’t count yourself (or your recipe) out because it’s a little complicated or has a single pricey ingredient. 

Similarly, nothing is too simple to be included. Have you perfected the grilled cheese sandwich, or developed a go-to microwavable omelet? We absolutely want to hear about it. 

All recipe submissions should include the following: 

  • A title 
  • Your name and Hopkins affiliation
  • 2-3 sentences describing the dish 
  • An ingredient list with exact measurements (1 tsp, 1 cup, etc) and container sizes (16-oz can, 24-ounce package, etc) 
  • An equipment list (bowls, utensils, etc)
  • Step-by-step directions on preparing the dish, including cooking temperatures and times 
  • Approximate number of people the dish serves 

Important note: NO PLAGARISM. You cannot submit a recipe that is copyrighted by someone else.  

Any questions? Email [email protected]. We look forward to reading (and making!) your recipes. 

Interested in helping to put this cookbook together? We need student reviewers and recipe testers. Email [email protected] and let us know.