Relaxing several COVID-related restrictions

| February 4, 2022
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Note: this letter originally appeared as an email sent to Homewood students on February 4, 2022.

Dear Students,

We are pleased that we found a low number of COVID cases among our students during move-in testing for the spring semester and that we have continued to see low case numbers in the first weeks of classes. In light of the local situation, we feel we are able to lift a few of the restrictions we put into place to protect the campus community during the nationwide omicron surge.

Changes go into effect Monday, Feb. 7, and include the following:

JHU affiliates as guests in residence halls. We will now allow on-campus students to host JHU affiliates as guests, including overnight, and to visit other living units within their residence hall. We will continue to restrict non-JHU affiliates at this time because we can’t be certain of their vaccination status or testing activities.

Off-campus party registration. We will start allowing registered parties at off-campus locations again, at 50% of building capacity with the total number of participants to not exceed 25.

Spectators at athletic events. We will now allow spectators, both affiliates and non-affiliates, at 50% of venue capacity so students, family members, and other individuals can attend games.

Food at events. We will return to pre-omicron status and allow to-go food at the end of events as well as drinks during events. Events with 50 or more attendees still need to be reviewed. More details about rules for events are available online.

Additionally, we remind you that the deadline to get a booster shot if you are eligible was Feb. 1. If you have not yet registered your booster through the Vaccine Management System, effective Feb. 9, you will be denied access to university properties such as academic buildings, dining facilities, and recreation facilities. If you are eligible and remain non-compliant, you will be disenrolled from the university effective Feb. 28.

For those students who still need to get their booster shot, the next clinic is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the Freshman Annex. Appointments should be made through MyChart using the Johns Hopkins University Booster Clinic option. Please note: If you did not get a booster through an on-campus clinic, it will not automatically be registered, and you must upload documentation to VMS. Those who are not yet eligible for a booster as of February 1 will be required to receive a booster within two weeks of when they become eligible.

As always, we ask you to be diligent about following our COVID guidelines, monitoring yourself for symptoms, and to stay home and get tested if you are sick. Information, including updates on university policies, is online at

We are all aware that the COVID situation can change quickly, and the university will continue to closely monitor trends and adjust its policies as needed to support the health and well-being of its students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community. We appreciate your efforts, which have contributed to the safety of our community and to our ability to meet our mission of education, research, and service.


Stephen Gange
Professor and Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Jon Links
Professor, Vice Provost, and Chief Risk Officer

Kevin Shollenberger
Vice Provost for Student Health and Well-Being and Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs