| June 2, 2020

Kevin ShollenbergerHello, and welcome to the Johns Hopkins student wellness blog. We’re launching this channel to complement and augment our existing resources, as well as our wellness-focused events calendar and news feed for all nine academic divisions of the university.

Higher education is a pivotal time in a person’s life, with an extraordinary amount of change in a short period of time. The habits you develop in response to the exciting opportunities and unexpected challenges that occur during these years will invariably affect your mental and physical health, during your time at Hopkins and for decades thereafter. The goal of the Office of Student Health and Well-Being is to integrate personal health more fully into the university’s mission to educate students and cultivate their capacity for lifelong learning. 

I want you to know that excellence and wellness are not mutually exclusive. They are, at the very least, complimentary and I would argue essential to one another. Hopkins students are highly driven and self-motivated, which makes our school an exciting and vibrant place. 

But running yourself into the ground mentally or physically in pursuit of excellence is, at best, a Pyrrhic victory. We want to provide you with the information and tools to be well so that you can do well, in the classroom and beyond. 

We have some great content planned for you, but we also want to hear from you. We welcome pitches from all members of the Hopkins community – students, staff, and faculty. To suggest a topic for a post or to pitch us something you’ve written, email [email protected]