Pages are build out in the WPBakery Page Builder, a tool that allows us to build complex pages by dragging and dropping blocks and components into row.

Documentation on how to use the basics of the page builder can be found on the WPBakery site:

Page Attributes

Page attributes allow you to set the hierarchy and template of a page. The Page Attributes box is located on the side of the screen, beneath the Publish box.


Use this drop down to chose the parent page of the page you are creating/editing. This is important to maintain organization of the pages and create subpages.


This dropdown contains page templates. Most are specifically intended for the area for which they are named. See the Page Template section for more information on the available templates.

Page Templates

The following templates are used throughout the site.

Home Page Template

The Home Page Template is the main landing page that welcomes visitors to the site. It should be eye-catching and draw users into the site.

Hub Archive List

The Hub Archive page template is used as an archive page to list all Hub Events or Hub Views This template has a built-in search feature for filtering news/events by date, category, and text.

Interior Full Width

The Interior Full Width template is used for interior content pages within the site, such as the About or Contact page.  Contains an additional area for adding a page tagline.

Resource Page

The Resource Page template is used as a landing page to list all resources associated with a particular resource type. The component is a two column layout which has a main content area with a listing of all resources and a sidebar area for showing news and events feeds associated with the resource type.

Page Settings

Additional fields are used to customize each page. Available fields depend on which page template is selected.  Some of these fields have a default value that is set in Theme Settings; adding a custom value to these fields will override the default value.

All Pages

Banner Picture – Allows you to select or upload a primary banner picture. Overrides the default picture set in Theme Settings. The Home page template allows you to select multiple images, which will rotate randomly on load.

Banner Subtitle – Smaller text that displays over the banner image and beneath the navigation menu. Overrides the default text set in Theme Settings.

Banner Title – Larger text that displays beneath the Subtitle. Overrides the default text set in Theme Settings

Banner Description – Description text that displays beneath the title. Overrides the default text set in Theme Settings.

Hub Archive List Template

Archive Type – This setting is displayed in the sidebar on the edit page screen. This allows you to set if this Archive page will display news or events.

Interior and Resource Page Templates

Tagline Title – Displays a title in a text bar that appears below the Banner Image. Displays the page title by default.

Tagline Text – Displays description text beneath the tagline title.

Resource Page Template

Resource Type – This setting is located in the sidebar on the edit page screen. This associates a resource type with a page, which will affect which resources appear on the page, the icon displayed in the tagline and the colors displayed on the screen.

Resource Sidebar – This setting is located beneath the Resource Type setting. The options allows you to configure and display the News and Events feeds in the on the sidebar of the page.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that is used to help optimize your site for Search Engine Optimization. In the section found here in the page settings, you can tailor how Search Engines see this page, and also look over any tops Yoast might have on how you can improve this page better. Please see the Yoast Documentation for full instructions on how to use this section.