Use Wordpress menus to modify the navigation and footer menus.

The menus located in the header and footer of the site can be edited by going to Appearance and then Menus on the WordPress dashboard. The header uses a single menu and any nested menus will render as an expand/collapse menu. The footer is split into two separate menus for the Quick Links and Resources section and consists of a list of links.

To select and edit a menu:

  1. Find the “Select a menu to edit” dropdown at the top of the Menus page. Select desired menu to edit and create select.
  2. Using the left hand Pages box, you can select existing pages or use any of the other options to add a link. Using Custom Links will allow you to create an external link. Select the link you would like to add and click “Add to Menu“.
  3. At the bottom of the Menu Structure diagram, you’ll see a new link. You can drag and drop that link anywhere in the list to re-order the link.
  4. If modifying the main navigation, you can drag a link under another option to create a nested submenu. The nested submenu will render as a Expand/Collapse menu.