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October 22 - 24
11:00 am-2:00 pm
FastForward U Homewood
The GreenHacks Sustaining Disruptions Hackathon will run in a hybrid modality where participants will design their projects.
October 24 2021
11:30 am-12:15 pm
Lawrence Jackson, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of English and history at Johns Hopkins University, will give an "Introduction to African American Studies" as part of the Helena Hicks Emancipation School. Attend all three 45-minute sessions to earn a certificate from the Billie Holiday Center for Liberation Arts: Helena Hicks Emancipation School
Melissa Walls, director of the Great Lakes Hub for the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, will discuss how historical and intergenerational trauma impacts Indigenous communities and how Native strengths, culture, and resilience prevail in the face of injustice.
October 25 2021
2:00 pm-3:15 pm
The LGBTQ+ Discussion group focuses on providing intentional space and safety for LGBTQ+ students to explore and discuss their needs, joy, and concerns related to this particular area of identity that they hold.