Molly Hutchison

Health Education Specialist

Molly Hutchison (she/her/hers) joined Health Promotion and Well-Being in June of 2020. She supports student well-being by developing and implementing health education programs tailored to JHU student needs. Molly also advises and trains peer health educators, PEEPs, and co-advises the Advocates for Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH). Molly educates on all aspects of well-being and pursues a holistic and trauma-informed approach throughout all her work. Some specific health areas she enjoys creating programs around include, sexual well-being, emotional and mental well-being, and sleep hygiene. Molly informs her work by collaborating with campus partners and engaging in thoughtful discussions with students.

Molly holds a Master of Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan (UofM). At U of M, she worked at the health promotion office in health communications, where she found her passion for working in college health promotion. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education with two minors in Business Management and Substance Abuse Education: Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment at Central Michigan University. Molly has worked in other sectors of public health including, at a local health department, hospital-affiliated organization, and non-profits. She holds a yoga teaching certification through YogaFit and often holds yoga classes on campus. Outside of work, Molly enjoys reading by the ocean, practicing yoga, exploring new hiking trails, traveling, and volunteering with local non-profits. If interested in talking about public health careers and engaging in conversation about your personal or campus well-being, email her to set up an appointment!

Molly serves all JHU students and trainees.